Central Security Desk

Westpoint a.s. operates its own central security desk with permanent oversight. At the current time we work with almost 60 security agencies for which we provide the services.

A central security desk is a monitoring centre that receives data and information about the state of alarm systems. It deals with intrusions, defects and checks on the coding of premises, as well as unannounced entries outside the set limit. An operator deals with a situation by sending a callout vehicle, sending the Police of the Czech Republic or informing authorised persons.

The monitoring centre receives signals from electronic security systems (ESS, ASES), electronic fire alarms (EFA) and camera systems (CCTV, VideoFied).

The central security desk provides the services of callout groups, which are ready to intercede in a facility.

As a part of comprehensive services, we will be happy to arrange the installation of the required security system for you. We have a wide range of security systems that we offer. Our security technicians have been working in the field for more than 30 years and they are therefore a guarantee of complete professionalism and knowledge of both older and newer systems.

Our tried-and-tested connections include systems from the manufacturers: NAM, Paradox, DSC, Ajax, Jablotron, Honeywell, Satel, Ester, Zettler and many others.

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