Facility management

What is facility management?

At Westpoint, we manage properties comprehensively. As a part of facility management, we integrate activities in your organisation and thereby ensure the management and development of agreed services, so that you can concentrate only on your business. You can leave everything else up to us.

Why choose facility management?

If you need to ensure that a building runs smoothly, contact us. We will handle your entire premises, arranging cleaning from the basement to the attic. We will handle maintenance for a whole building, as well as all green space around a building.

  • Comprehensive facility management
  • Reception and porters’ services
  • Premises security
  • Cleaning for whole premises
  • Building maintenance
  • Green space maintenance

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Are you interested in these services? Do you need peace and quiet for your activities and want to leave the operation and management of your building to professionals? We are here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services

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