Building, Property and Personal Security

For more than 20 years, Westpoint has been based on one of the fundamental pillars of the services offered—personal and property security. We provide security always with maximum regard for the client’s needs. We are flexible, adaptive and precise. Our experienced team has experience with security for both large and small premises, buildings, schools and hotels. We are a regular part of a number of well-known cultural events. We also handle office and industrial buildings.

You will be safe with us. We arrange physical security for:

  • office buildings

  • Reception desks

  • industrial buildings

  • building sites

  • schools

  • hotels

  • retail outlets

  • cultural events

  • mobile physical security

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Are you interested in personal and property security? Do you need to have strong support at your back, a team that you can rely on at any time? The feeling that everything will go right and be fine is priceless. We’re here for you. Don’t

hesitate to contact us for more information about our services. We operate in Prague, its surroundings and the whole Czech Republic.